The TALOS-BIO project is a collaboration between the Human Tissue Bank of National Center for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”, and the private company “Filippos Healthcare”, which has launched the TALOS system.

In this project DEMOKRITOS and Filippos Healthcare are going to design and manufacture a special set of instruments in order to produce a new innovative bone allograft from living donors, especially shaped to be used with the TALOS milling head in Neurosurgery, as TALOS-BIO system.

The TALOS-BIO system consists of a special configuration milling head accompanied with one or more bone graft discs, which can be of human origin or synthetic. It is used in all treppaning methods, individual (endoscopy, stereotaxy, minimal invasive surgery) and in any type of craniotomy.

The newly developed disc-shaped bone allograft is the novelty which will replace the contemporary synthetic grafts.

The TALOS-BIO System allows a firm insertion of a one-piece graft, instead of many bone fragments, at the point of the largest bone deficit, a feature that offers also the best cosmetic result.


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